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The World of Games deals with PC games. A list of release dates for future PC games, battlefields for StarCraft and voice packs for Unreal Tournament 2004 are part of the World of Games.
Bugs is an artificial life program that simulates the life and evolution of bugs in a donut-shaped world inhabited by bacteria that serve as bug-food.
The Revole Skin is a skin for the media center software XBMC / Kodi.
The Microsoft's Xbox pages contain (mostly technical) information about Microsoft's Xbox game console.
The Stuff For Windows pages contain the Circle Mouse Cursor (an alternative Windows cursor) and PocoAttachmentCleaner (a tool to manage PocoMail attachments).
Crazy machines are those machines that are beautiful, useful, mindboggling and inspirational. A few of those machines are listed on this page as they were created by someone else and found by me, or invented by me.
This Dutch site (external link) is the online diary of Ellen & Marijn ( or
This page contains several links to Marijn's friends.
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