Crazy Machines

Crazy machines are the best. These machines tickle our fantasies, destroy our carefully organized thinking patterns and change our views and beliefs. Or they are just practical solutions for everyday problems.

Crazy machines can be anything, and these page lists some crazy machines that I consider beautiful, useful or inspirational. Some of these machines were created by me, but the best are inventions by others that I found on the internet or out in the real world. Enjoy!

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The Plugbook is designed by Dave Hakkens, and it is one of my favorite ideas (and the very first one on this page). It is a power extension cord masked as a book. Due to its book-like design it can be hidden in plain sight on a bookshelf between other books. Besides two power outlets it has two usb-ports for powering mobile phones, tablets and miscellaneous other electronic devices. The extension cable can automatically rewind itself so it's easy to store the Plugbook and hide it among the books when it's no longer needed.

Plugbook Impression

Unfortunately, at this moment the Plugbook cannot be bought. Its designer, Dave Hakkens, tried to get enough funding to manufacture this Plugbook (in several different colors). But his Kickstarter-project (where those people interested can pre-order a Plugbook) failed to get the necessary support to realize the PlugBook.


A couple of years ago we bought a new couch (a red Leolux Pupilla) and we were very happy with it. Unfortunately, due to our floor, the couch slid against the wall, discoloring the wall and damaging the couch. To solve this, I made these Couch-from-the-wall-keepers, to keep the couch from sliding into the wall.

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10-01-2012 - 23-01-2013 / Marijn Hubert