Revolve Skin
Revolve Skin
The Revolve skin is a skin for the XBMC / Kodi media center software. The central concept of the skin is revolution, and the lists, icons and other parts of the skin are based on circles and round corners.
The concept and graphics were designed by ransomed. The skin is made by ransomed, mKo, relyter, and Malthus. The Revolve skin is adapted from the Foundation skin, which was created by Hitcher, and textures courtesy of Jezz_X.
The Revolve skin is available as a download for XBMC Gotham, Kodi Helix and Kodi Isengard (see below). It is also available as a skin add-on in the official Kodi-repository for Kodi Isengard.
Revolve 1.0.0 is compatible with XBMC Gotham, Revolve 2.0.0 is compatible with Kodi Helix, and Revolve 3.0.0 is compatible with Kodi Isengard. Revolve is designed for use on a HD television, and the skin is tested on a Windows computer. It may lack mouse support and touch support. It does support PVR and live television, and (some) screen widgets. And it is only available in English.
Revolve Title Screen Revolve Title Screen
Revolve Home Menu Revolve Home Menu
Revolve rotate view Revolve Rotate view
Revolve circlelist view Revolve Circlelist view
Revolve music visualization Revolve music visualization
Revolve landscape view Revolve landscape view
Download for Kodi Isengard (GitHub):
Revolve 3.0.0 requires a separate script (the official Kodi repository guidelines discourage including scripts within the skin).
Download for Kodi Helix (GitHub):
Download for XBMC Gotham (GitHub):
Older downloads (GitHub):
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