PocoMail is a fast, small, and elegant mail program. One of it's great features is that it is possible to save e-mail attachments to a seperate directory, instead of keeping them encoded in the e-mail. Saving the attachments to a seperate directory makes them easily accessible to virus-scanners and search programs. Unfortunately, sometimes attachments are not erased when the accompanying e-mail is deleted, thus cluttering the attachtments-folder.
PocoAttachmentCleaner (PAC) is a small tool that cleans up the attachments-folder by moving or deleting all attachments that are not referred to by an e-mail message. These orphaned attachments can be deleted or moved to a directory of the user's choice.
Use this software at your own risk.
System Requirements
PocoAttachmentCleaner requires a Windows operating system capable of running .Net Framework 2.0, and an installation of .Net Framework 2.0 or later. The .Net Framework 2.0 is incorporated in service pack 2 for Microsoft Windows XP and in Microsoft Windows Vista. PocoMail is not required, but this program seems pretty useless without it.
Installation and Removal
Installation of PocoAttachmentCleaner is easy; just copy the executable to a directory. There is no installer included in the archive. Uninstalling PAC is just as easy; delete the executable and, optionally, the ini-file PAC.ini.
Run the PocoAttachmentCleaner-executable, and proceed below:
1. Select the directory that contains the PocoMail mail files.
2. Select the directory that contains the attachments.
3. Optionally select the target directory to which orphaned attachments should be moved.
4. Press the Analyze-button to determine all the orphaned attachments.
5. Check the messages to see if any problems disrupted the analysis.
If no orphaned attachments are found, proceed to step 9.
6. Optionally check the list of orphaned attachments.
7. Press the Move-button to move the attachments to the new directory, or press the Delete-button to erase the orphaned attachments.
8. Check the messages to see if any problems disrupted the previous step.
9. Close the program.
PocoAttachmentCleaner screenshot
16-10-2008 - 13-09-2013 / Marijn Hubert